Open Positions

1. Prospective PhD and Masters Students

I am looking to hire PhD and Masters’ students from diverse backgrounds to join my group at UBC. If you are interested in my research areas, please reach out to me. More information on applying to the ECE Department at UBC can be found on the ECE admissions page and on the UBC Grad School admissions page. Also, here is a great guide by Prof. Sarah Nadi on how to contact potential supervisors.
Why consider UBC for graduate school, aside from its research excellence?
Canada is ranked 1st in quality of life, and is 1st overall in the Best Countries ranking in 2021. Vancouver is one of the best cities in the world for quality of living. For those frequent travelers, Vancouver's airport has been ranked the best in North America for the past 11 years. UBC is the most beautiful Canadian university. Graduate school is a long ride. Choose a place where you'll be happy! :-)

2. UBC Undergraduate Students

I have a number of openings for undergraduate research interns for summer 2021. If you have taken systems courses, done well in those, and are interested in building new cloud computing technologies, reach out to me!

3. Visiting International Research Students

I have a few spots for talented graduate students who are interested in conducting cutting-edge cloud research with me as a visitor at UBC. Before reaching out to me, please check the UBC VIRS page first to ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements.